Teng Tools 1292D200 20-200Nm 1/2" Drive Electronic/Digital Torque Wrench

1/2" drive easy to use electronic, digital torque wrench. It features 9 separate torque settings with individual torque, percentage tolerance and unit settings to enable the torque wrench to be pre-programmed for different torque tolerances before use. An audio visual warning system alerts the user with an orange light before, a green light on and a red light after the target torque is reached. It also features accuracy of +/-1%, reading in Nm, ft/lb, in/lb and kg/m. There is a quick release mechanism on the square drive and bi-directional torque facility. Each torque setting has an individual recallable memory which stores the last 9 settings. The torque wrench uses standard AA batteries and is supplied in a storage case which allows for protection and convenient storage when not in use. The torque wrench meets or exceeds the demands according to ISO6789:2003 and is supplied with a certificate of calibration at the time of production.

1/2" - DIGITAL TORQUE WRENCH 20-200Nm (Teng Tools)

SKU: 1292D200