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Tool control affects safety. Leaving a tool in an aircraft or engine is not just an inconvenience, it is a safety risk. Realizing this, most aircraft maintenance companies need to enforce tool control procedures. Companies realize that establishing and enforcing a tool control program can provide numerous benefits, the foremost of which is safety.

Tool Raptors offers 5 Levels of tool control to match your requirements. 

Level 1- Tool Identification - Laser Etching

Tool Raptors offers a laser tool engraving service, which, not only enables you to engrave your tools, but also many other items such as trophies, plaques, jewellery and much more too.

Using our laser engraver, we can carry out a broad range of product engraving from the smallest to large-sized items.


We offer quick turn around times to get your tools back to you. Tool control is what we specialise in. Tool engraving helps ensure your tools remain yours, so never again can you be questioned as to if a tool belongs to you. Laser engraving and laser etching also assist when assigning tools to specific kits. Kits can be designed for specific people and tasks, engraving/etching the tool assists in returning the tool to the correct kit.

Level 2- Tool Visibility - Shadow-Boarding & Foam Inserts

Tool Raptors provides a complete shadow foam service. We take your tools, scan them, carefully design the layout using your specification, then using our CNC Machines we produce your layouts in dual colour Foam. We can offer solutions for your mobile tool kit, garage, business, Aviation tool stores or anywhere that tool storage and control is of importance.

Tool Raptors can offer the unique service of carrying out the scanning and designing of your drawers on-site. Some of our aviation customers prefer us on-site so they can continue to use their tooling. All our foams carry a 1-year warranty so if the foams de-bond it is replaced free of charge, all designs are saved so if you need repeated cutting of certain drawers we can accommodate.


Our Foam is durable and designed to withstand daily use. It can be shaped to fit your tools, to allow safety and to keep your tools organised. The two-toned foam used to produce Shadow Foam allows you to spot instantly when a tool is missing, making it easy to check at the end of the day that you have all your tools together in one place.








The Complete Tool Control Solution For Responsible Businesses

Lead the way with the Automify access control, tool tracking and business operations software.

Your Toolbox Just Got Smarter

By integrating real-world data gathered from your toolbox, Automify can help boost productivity, improve safety and ensure adherence to the ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Access Control

Control who can access your toolboxes, cabinets, stores, and doorways. Granularly configure user access using different methods: keycards, mobile app, and passcode. We offer support for a wide range of keycards, including HID and Mifare 13.56Mhz.

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