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Established in 2015, Tool Raptors Ltd provides Tool Supply, Procurement, Storage & Asset Management to a multitude of industries. Tool Raptors Ltd was created to supply complete tool solutions within quick timelines, minimising downtime on tooling. Over the last 7 years Tool Raptors has supplied services to a variety of high-end brands, during this time the company has built up a reputation in the market for a high-quality service with quick lead times to match!

At Tool Raptors, we pride ourselves on being Specialists in Tool Control Solutions and Tool Supply. We have carefully selected, high-quality brands to partner with, to ensure we get the very best quality and value for money for our clients.

Why Us?

Tool Raptors Specialise in Tool Supply, Procurement, Storage & Asset Management. We satisfy our clients with a professional service exceeding the clients expectation and delivering within their required lead times. Our teams extensive knowledge and experience gives us the ability to best source the products the client require offering advice and alternatives to help with quality and budget restrictions.

We understand the importance for an MRO company to have access to their equipment at all times. Our aim is to provide a friendly, efficient and onsite / offsite service which will reduce any disruption to you or your company. 

Tool Raptors Ltd is careful to only partner up with brands that share the same values of customer care and satisfactory that we do. All of our foam products carry a 1 year warrant, our extensive range of tool and storage options carry a lifetime warranty!

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