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Your New Tooling System

Automify - Tool Raptors' web-based software for tooling management


Insightful data is accessed and displayed immediately. Automify can help boost productivity, improve safety, and ensure adherence to the ever-increasing regulatory requirements by integrating real-world data gathered from your toolboxes, rooms, cases, and other storage solutions. 

24/7 Support

Our software offers constant access to support for hardware, software, tooling, AOG services, purchasing, hiring and general support. You can rely on Tool Raptors for quick and useful responses to all your enquiries.


Stay on top of your tooling and who's using it with custom generated reports. Easily view, download and send reports for a multitude of data over set periods of time. These can include but not limited to, usage, loss, calibration, breakage, unserviceable and spend reports.

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Aircraft tooling assignment & tracking

Assign aircraft to locations, facilities and bays. When engineers/staff members withdraw tooling from one of your tool storage solutions they have to assign the aircraft they're working on. This can also be used for guests and when tooling is out of stores for calibration, repair or replacement. 

Log lost, broken and unserviceable tooling.

This is critical for any organisation that relies on their tools to carry out it's day to day operations. Keeping track of these discrepancies, keeps everything organised and on schedule. Once the system is in place your company can use the data to make more informed decisions about its tooling inventory. 


Custom Generated Alerts

Receive email and text alerts for a wide array of moments. These can include attempted unauthorised access, unauthorised tooling use, calibration alerts, loss alerts, breakage alerts, unreturned assets alerts, and much more!    

Engineer and Tools Onboarding

During our project we include the onboarding of all tooling and assets onto the Automify software completely free of charge. We also onboard all required engineers and staff members ensuring that they can use the system fluidly/efficiently whilst using 100% of its' capabilities. 


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