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Tool Control: 
Foam Inserts


Organise your tools with Foam Inserts!

Our custom foam solutions are designed to help provide a safe, secure storage system for all your assets and equipment. As we have a huge supply of high-quality foam material, we can cut each foam insert to fit your specific needs. Using shadow boards you can be confident that every tool will be accounted for and stored in it's proper location. 


In addition to safety benefits, having foam can also vastly improve the efficiency of your workplace. Having disorganised tooling means workers are spending more time to find and retrieve any missing assets. Having foam boards means you have tools stored in designated locations, making them easier and faster to find.  

At Tool Raptors Ltd, we offer a wide range of shadow board solutions to tailor to your specific needs. Our experienced designers will work with you to create custom foam inserts that fit your tools and equipment perfectly. 


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