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Smart Access - Tracking

Asset Tracking

Smart-Access offers a flexible and automated approach to tool control, supporting various methods of asset tracking, including RFID and barcode. By utilising best-in-class radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, physical assets, such as tools, can be tracked in real-time. Additionally, advanced geospatial algorithms can be utilised to correlate and track assets as they move throughout a building.

Asset Management

Smart-RFID offers a suite of comprehensive features to help manage your assets. Features, including calibration tracking, reporting asset damage, and usage reports, are included as standard.

Reports & Analytics

Get the most out of your data by generating reports and working with actionable insights. Our reporting engine enables comprehensive reports to be designed and generated. Data insights about assets are highly valuable for a business. Automify makes these insights accessible. Our reporting engine enables highly personalised reports to be designed and used. Reports can be generated ad-hoc or on a schedule and automatically emailed to key personnel. 

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