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Our News From February 2023!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

It's been an eventful month for us here. Some big updates and expansions to our website, more flight cases and more projects for our clients.


Website Expansions

Pre-Loved Tooling

We added some new sections to our website, the first is our "Pre-Loved" Tooling section. In here we sell some of our old usable tool stock, 45% off with free etching as an option as well!

Aviation - GSE & Aircraft Tooling

As a company that has handled many large GSE tooling jobs we wanted to give our customers the access to purchase these kits online so we can cut out any wasted time getting to work on our client's tool control.


Max Tooling Order | TUI Airways

- Speaking of our GSE capabilities, we completed a large tooling order for TUI Airways.

- Some of which we created bespoke flight cases!


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