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Tool Raptors Ltd Newsletter - June 2023

Our News From June 2023!

Halfway there!

An eventful year so far and we are looking forward to the next half.


Job Highlights

We put together an awesome collection of custom carbide drill bit cases for Lomas.

Heater Probe Kit

Another job we did was a Heater Probe Kit for Aircraft Tool Hire. Another solid showcase of our design work and branding capabilities.

Autobox Order Fulfilled

Another autobox constructed and sent!

We also uploaded a little infographic to show some of your options as a customer, when it comes to acquiring one of our boxes.


Giveaway Winner

We started the month with our latest giveaway winner!

"JohnnyTheWelder" on instagram, won our TengTools box, that was kitted and foamed out by us.


Website Updates

We now have a B2B site. If you are looking to use us as your tool control supplier then sign up today and become a valued B2B customer!


Stay in contact!

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